Hertfordshire Hellebores


Opening dates and times 2021


Saturday 27th February. 10.00am - 3.00pm



After over 15 years of hellebore sales, we have now stopped opening on a regular basis. We feel it is time for a fresh challenge, and hope to start on the development of a new garden – among other things – in the next couple of years. I can't see that I will ever stop growing hellebores, or working on the development of improved strains, so there will still be a smaller number of plants available in future years for those customers wanting to increase their collection. We also plan to continue seed sales.


2021 Open Day

UPDATE 14/02/21


After last week's cold spell, the plants are not as advanced as usual. Therefore we have decide to set our open day for Saturday 27th February. Unlike most years, we will keep the lower gate (by the car park) closed until 10.00am. If you arrive before this, please wait in the lane. To keep everyone safe, no more than 4 customers will be allowed into the tunnel at any one time.




We will be opening for a single day, with about 150 hellebores on offer to local customers only – in line with government guidelines. There will be a good selection of colours, but not every variety listed below will be on offer, so if you are after something particular we recommend checking availability in advance. We do have a very nice batch of yellow singles, lightly spotted and with bright yellow nectaries; also, some attractive anemone centres.


Due to the current cold – and possibly extended – weather, we will not be able to confirm the exact date for another week. With only a single open day, the timing needs to be right; many of the plants are still in bud, and development stops in very cold weather.


The earliest potential date is Saturday 20th February, but it may be necessary to delay a further week. Please check back here from the 15th onwards.


After the open day, we will opening by appointment and will also be offering mail-order, but plants can only be ordered from the day following our opening. If you contact me then (or request that I contact you), I will be able to confirm availability.


We hope that you are keeping well, and that your garden has been a source of comfort and happiness over the past year.








A range of fresh hellebore seed is available in summer, which offers customers the chance to grow a number of high quality plants at a reasonable cost. Our seed is hand-pollinated, and includes the sought-after anemone centre varieties, where demand for our flowering plants always outstrips supply. Seed will be available as it ripens, from the middle of May. Click here to go to our seed page.





Mail order is only available after our open day in February.


Most of our hellebores are sold during February and March, but we send out plants while stocks last.


In previous years customers have been able to order and pay for plants from the list below using an online shopping cart, but the cost has made this impractical to continue. Orders can now be taken on the phone.


The new hellebore season starts in January. Now that we are offering a reduced number of plants, not all the varieties below will be on offer each year, but they are listed below to prices when available.


Our hellebores are sold in flower (if purchased Jan - April), or after flowering to guarantee colour. Almost all are grown in 3 litre pots.


To order plants either email us at lorna@herts-hellebore.co.uk or call 01920 438458




We carefully pack plants and use a next-day delivery service to ensure that your order reaches you in good condition.

Delivery costs on orders within England, Wales and mainland Scotland are as follows:

1 box (up to 4 plants) - £12

2 boxes (8 plants) - £19

3 boxes (12 plants) - £25

4 boxes (16 plants) or more - £29

We do not charge for packing your order in our sturdy cardboard shipping boxes. The postage costs reflect the size and considerable weight of the plants.

As postage is the same for half full or full boxes, best value is achieved with full boxes (multiples of 4 plants).

We have a minimum order of £18 + p&p.




We have 3 price bands. Plants with a higher price tend to be newer colours or those that are more difficult to produce. This does not mean that they are more difficult to grow in the garden. Well-established lines, producing a high percentage of good, saleable plants, are less work to produce than those where development is at an early stage. Please note we only ever send out plants that we are completely happy with.




White. One of the earliest flowering types. Pure white blooms that show well in the garden








White spotted. Various degrees of spotting, most quite heavily marked with a clear white band around the outer edges of each petal









Pink-red. A bright, fairly deep pink colour. Tall, robust looking plants, usually with large, rounded flowers.










Pink. Very pretty shades of pink









Pink spotted. Various degrees of spotting, most quite heavily marked with a clear pink band around the outer edges of each petal









Slate-blue. Stunning colour that shows best with some direct sun. One of the most beautiful, and well worth a try









Dark purple. Attractive very dark blooms - ideal alongside snowdrops









Pink x yellow strain. Flowers are a combination of cream yellow and strawberry pink, some displaying apricot shades.









Primrose yellow flowers. Very pretty









Yellow spotted. Various degrees of spotting, some with dark nectaries.









Black. Darkest purple black or blue black flowers.









Picotee with veining. White flowers with dark pink lines rather like those on a butterfly's wings.









Pale pink. Cream flowers, lightly marked with pink








Yellow/dark centre . Most with small red marks at the base of each petal.









Green. Some with purple markings.









Torquatus and multifidus hybrids. Small one to two inch flowers, many with picotee markings. Some purples and greens. Variable, so please phone/email for details of current stock








Dark red. Richly coloured maroon red blooms. Some with dark new foliage.










White spotted double. A robust variety with attractive spotted blooms.









Pink double. Shades of pink, some with speckled markings.








Purple double. Purple to dark purple in colour.









Cream-yellow double. Delicate blooms on compact plants. Some with finely divided foliage.









Picotee double. White or cream petals with a pink flush at edges. Some also with pink veining.








White double.

Pure white blooms - very spectacular in the garden










Pale pink double









Dido (torquatus) type doubles available in the following colours: white/cream spotted, pink, pink spotted. Dainty little flowers, perfect for a more natural planting scheme. Some with finely divided foliage.










Green Double









Green Spotted Double









Dark Purple double









Pale picotee double. White flowers with a narrow pink line around the edge of each petal







Anemone centres.



White anemone centre. White flowers, most with a few spots. Central ruff.










Pink anemone centre. Pink flowers, some with spots or speckles. Central ruff










Picotee anemone centre. White petals with various degrees of purple veining / edging, and a striking dark ruff.