Hertfordshire Hellebores



We are now offering a range of hellebore seed for those customers who would like to build a collection of high quality plants at low cost. Fresh seed will be available to buy online, as soon as it ripens, usually from the middle of May.

Our seed is hand-pollinated, to ensure high quality results. Each cross is represented by two photographs, and these show the actual seed and pollen parents used. The plants are line-breed, for consistent results, so the seedlings are likely to produce very similar flowers to the parents although results cannot be guaranteed. The anemone centres are an exception to this rule, as they are a newer form and therefore less consistent, and some doubles and singles should be expected in addition to the anemone centres. The actual percentage of anemones will vary depending on the individual plants used. Also, when parents are from two different breeding lines, such as the apricot and red cross below, results will vary more, but offspring should closely resemble one parent or a combination of the two.

Seed from different varieties will be offered each year, so don't miss out on favourites. Packets contain 10 seeds and are priced at £4.99.

P&P is free within mainland UK. Please email for charges to other countries.


Online purchase will be available from this page when seed is harvested. Depending on weather, seed ripens from mid-May onwards. Please sign up below if you would like to be reminded when seed is available. Please type 'Seed List' in message box.

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Expect nicely rounded primrose-yellow flowers.

Green Spotted Double

Both plants are short and sturdy, with a high percentage of outward-facing flowers.


Yellow Double

Pure yellow blooms on short and sturdy plants that clump well.

Yellow Spotted

Yellow flowers boldly marked with red spots, bordered by a clear yellow band around each petal can be expected from this variety.


Picotee with Veining

Petals veined in purple or pink on a white background and with a dark central blotch.

Picotee Anemone Centre (1)

The best anemones are truly exquisite. The hope is for 1 or 2 good examples from an average packet, although it could be more.


Picotee Anemone Centre (2)

Expect a lighter ruff than with the cross above.

Pink-Red Speckle Double

Expect large and frilly flowers in a rich pink-red colour.


One parent has apricot flowers while the other has apricot with red. Expect a combination of the two along with an occasional yellow.


Very dark and rounded flowers.

Purple Anemone

The hope is for 1 or 2 good examples from an average packet, although it could be more. One parent has purple petals with spots while the other has plum (pink-purple) petals. Both have a purple and green ruff.


Apple-Blossom Anemone Centre

The hope is for 1 or 2 good examples from an average packet, although it could be more. Beautiful pale pink flowers - one spotted and one plain. Expect a combination of the two.


Yellow/Apricot with Dark Centre

One parent has apricot-pink petals and the other parent is yellow, so expect both types, all with a dark central blotch.


Expect large and very rounded flowers. All will have a purple edge with a white interior lightly flushed with green.

Pink Spotted

Pink petals heavily spotted with red and a clear band around the edges.

Picotee Double

Showy flowers with a purple edge, and possibly a few speckles from one parent (as shown in photo).

Dark Purple Double

Expect very dark purple flowers.




Green Picotee

This is one for the natural garden. Dainty plants bearing smallish flowers with a purple edge.

White Double

Expect pure white, frilly double flowers.




Pink Double

One plant has pink flowers, the other pale pink, so expect a combination of the two. The overall flower shape is attractively rounded.

Pink Spotted Double

One plant has bright pink, frilly flowers, heavily spotted with red, while the other is a pale pink. Expect a combination of the two.

Mixed Colours

Open-pollinated seed collected from a wide range of colours, both single and double. Minimum 25 seeds per packet for this selection.